June 8th is World Oceans Day!

The United Nations designated June 8th as World Oceans Day.

On World Oceans Day, people around our blue planet celebrate and honor our one shared ocean, that connects us all.

The ocean covers over 70% of the planet. It is our life source, supporting humanity’s sustenance and that of every other organism on earth.

The ocean produces at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen, it is home to most of earth’s biodiversity, and is the main source of protein for more than a billion people around the world. Not to mention, the ocean is key to our economy with an estimated 40 million people being employed by ocean-based industries by 2030.

Even though all its benefits, the ocean is now in need of support.

With 90% of big fish populations depleted, and 50% of coral reefs destroyed, we are taking more from the ocean than can be replenished. We need to work together to create a new balance with the ocean that no longer depletes its bounty but instead restores its vibrancy and brings it new life.

“Planet Ocean: Tides Are Changing”, is the theme for World Oceans Day 2023

– the UN is joining forces with decision-makers, indigenous leaders, scientists, private sector executives, civil society, celebrities, and youth activist to put the ocean first.

Healthy oceans provide vast cognitive, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual wellness Blue Mind benefits to all of us throughout our lives. 

Together with the United Nations and our partners, we celebrate all that the ocean gives us every day: from the oxygen we breathe to the inspiration that moves our poets.